Helioscreen All Seasons Roof System

The Helioscreen All Seasons range is the ideal retractable roof system for use in private homes, courtyards, restaurants and commercial applications where the user is seeking more than just protection from the sun. Folding away at the touch of the button the All Seasons retractable roof is designed to ensure the user can get the most out of their area by offering the flexibility of opening or closing the system to suit the weather conditions. Utilising an easy to clean waterproof fabric the system offers 100% rain protection to create an operable outdoor room feel for an All Seasons alfresco lifestyle.

The Helioscreen All Seasons retractable roof range offers an array of options and lends itself to being a flexible solution for all applications thanks to its innovative versatility. Cleverly designed drive system, integrated water seals and optional dimmable 360 degree LED down lighting are just some reasons why the All Seasons is a renowned system and shows why Helioscreen has been a market leader for over 25 years in Australia.

Using the latest European design and engineering our retractable roof range is made from architectural grade aluminium and stainless steel fixtures that have been developed to ensure smooth operation and high durability.

Thanks to the unique high torque motor drive system the fabric is always kept under perfect tension by a self adjusting motor unit. Using optional weather sensors such as wind or rain sensors provides the added benefit of automatic control even when the user is away.

Adding Value by Greening your Home

NABERS is a national system that rates the energy efficiency, water use, waste management and environment quality of a home on a scale of one to six stars. An ABS study found every star a house goes up by adds three per cent to its value, so greening your home will not only reduce your energy bills but improve its resale value as well. There are several ways to go about it.

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